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  • Shop Mini Glassware

    Nothing adds that perfect sense of luxury and class like beautiful, crystal-clear Glassware. Having the right type of glassware will impress your any guest at your next event - whether it's a catered Party, a dinner night with some couples, drinks and Hors d'Oeuvres with co-workers and colleagues, or a casual get-together with friends.

    If you've spent the dough on top-notch food and drink, or you've worked for hours to create magic in the kitchen, then why serve it on something boring? There's plenty of flavor on the plate or in the glass - and the presentation should reflect that! Nothing highlights the dishes and refreshments you've worked so hard to put together than the brilliant opaqueness and look of glassware, and Sweet Flavor has the quality selection and the quality prices to bring this look to your home or your next event.

    There are plenty of different options out there for any event that could be put on! In charge of planning a wedding, getting Wedding Supplies or tying the knot yourself? You need some wedding glassware, Glass Dinnerware and serving sets! Impress all of the guests with drinks served in fashionable, clear carat Cocktail wedding Glasses or delicious food served on a glass tray. Have the boss and all of your co-workers coming over for a get-together dinner? Earn plenty of kudos and a nice pat on the back with some finger-foods served on a beautiful glass serving tray (hey, it won't hurt on your next corporate review).

    Planning on having some friends over for the big game? Mix up some drinks and serve them in one of our fabulous disco glasses for a rollicking fun time. Having a fancy sit-down dinner party? Serve some sweet treats in a lovely glass dessert bowl. Or, just stock your bar or kitchen with the appealing frosted shot glasses, tubs, bowls and mini bowls.

    Glass catering materials are ideal for impressing at any sort of event, too! Pick up these Catering Supplies and you’ll be sure to wow any guests that might show up. Ready to pick out some glassware? Check out our catalog here and figure out what you need - look to find the right size for the dishes you're going to serve, and figure out just how formal you'd like the event to be!

    Sweet Flavor has just the right type of glassware in our online Catalogs, ideal for filling all of your drinking and dining needs. Have any questions? Shoot us an e-mail or chat with us via our interactive online system! Oh, and don't forget to check out all of the other fine products we offer!

  • Shop Plastic

    Are you putting together a big, huge event with plenty of guests? Throwing a Wedding, a big corporate get-together event. a Bar Mitzvah, a Birthday Party, a sports celebration or just a big dinner party with friends? If you are, it's important that you make it look amazing - and that you make sure to keep the budget under control. Glassware and other types of solid serving dishes look and feel tremendous, but they cost a pretty penny. So, how can you keep the costs down? One way to keep your finances in order is to use plastic tableware and plastic dishes! They look great, and they're incredibly cost-effective - and Sweet Flavor's got plenty of styles for you! Bring in some of our Disposable Mini Dishes made out of recyclable plastic to serve appetizer dishes to your guests at a wedding.

    Serve your guests an entree meal on an Elegant Plastic Plate or one of our Black Plastic Plates - they look great and they do just as good a job as a Porcelain or a Glassware dish. These classy plastic plates that look real will be the hit of the party. You can also bring in stylish clear plates made out of plastic to serve your delicious meals to party guests! They'll love it, and you'll save plenty of dough on the expenses. Plastic fancy mini cutlery makes for elegant wedding supplies, too - everyone there will love the look and the feel of the cutlery.

    You can even stock plastic cups and glasses for drinks (try our mini martini glass or the plastic flutes) and spoons for serving! Oh, and disposal is a breeze, too. There's no need for washing or drying or re-stacking; all you have to do is throw the plastic away when you're done with it! It's an amazing serving solution for any type of event that you might have.

    Sweet Flavor brings you a wide selection of options in Plastic Tableware and plastic dishes, all made with incredible quality and at extremely affordable prices.

    Go ahead, browse our online catalog to find the supplies that are perfect for your next event! Oh, and click on our ""Live Help"" tab if you have any questions, and our experts can help you find the answer!

  • Shop Bamboo

    Bamboo - it's not just food for pandas anymore! If you're hosting an event, throwing a party or just having a few good friends over for dinner, why not consider picking up some bamboo cutlery, bamboo tableware, bamboo flatware or bamboo dinnerware to serve your creations on? Not only are they efficient and sturdy, they look great, provide a definite ""wow!"" factor AND are completely disposable - so there's no messy clean-up afterwards.

    Disposable bamboo plates and other bamboo products offer a great solution for any event! Sweet Flavor is proud to offer an incredible selection of bamboo products - everything from bamboo cutlery to bamboo flatware - to add a distinctive touch of class and practicality to your next get-together or event.

    Having a bunch of friends over to watch the big game? Fill up their stomachs with chips, pretzels or nuts served in designer bamboo bowls. Involved in planning a wedding, or having one right in your backyard? Stock up on some wedding bamboo plates for guests to hold their finger foods and make the occasion all the more memorable. Holding a dinner party at your home? Serve your delicious dishes on some bamboo leaf boats, or set out some munchies on bamboo mini dishes.

    Everything looks better when it's set out on a classy bamboo plate! You can even add a bamboo cone to the table for some added flavor! If you have a buffet setup for your party, go ahead and outfit the occasion with some bamboo buffet plates - you'll save plenty of dough on the purchase, and plenty of clean-up time afterwards!

    After all, you don't want to be stuck cleaning and washing plate after plate once the party is over and the guests are gone. Instead, with these bamboo plates, you can just dispose of them when you're done - and you can keep on having fun! Bamboo tableware, bamboo flatware and bamboo cutlery are all lightweight and made of organic material - so you can feel good about your purchase!

    Any bamboo product for catering, wedding events, hotels and resorts can be ordered on the Sweet Flavor website. Go ahead and browse - here, you'll find a large selection of bamboo dishes, bamboo bowls and bamboo cutlery and other bamboo catering supplies for any event you might throw!

  • Biodegradable paper...

    Biodegradable paper straws

  • Shop Wood

    Disposable and Biodegradable, Sweet Flavor Wood Collection includes wooden food boats, food cones available in different sizes. Our collection also includes wooden cutlery, for your convenience, we sell wooden forks, knifes and spoons separately in a set of 100 pieces. Sweet Flavor also offer high quality and unique wooden plates available in round and square and different sizes as well.

    Looking to test our wooden dishes, please contact Sweet Flavor customer service today to request your FREE samples.

  • Shop Palm Leaf

    Sweet Flavor Palm Leaf Collection includes play leaf square plates as well as plan leaf bowls. Our collection is 100 % natural and unique materials that are obtain in the most natural way. Sweet Flavor and its local partners make sure to only use natural fallen leaves of Areca Trees that grow in a moderate temperature which means we do not deforest in order to make our plates and bowls.

    Sweet Flavor Palm Leaf Collection is perfect for many occasion such as corporate events, Birthdays, Wedding, Catering and any other occasions.

    All of our plan leaf plates and bowl are microwave safe foe up to 2 minutes and heat resistant up to 300 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.

    Please feel free to contact our customer service at 305 532 3731 to request today your FREE samples.

  • Shop Bamboo Picks

    Sweet Flavor developed a line of Bamboo Skewers and Party Picks that are absolutely unique Catering Supplies. They work perfectly as a Martini Picks, Olive Picks, Cheese Picks, meat skewers, swizzle sticks or cocktail picks. Ranging from the classic bamboo paddle skewers, bamboo skewers twisted ends, to the upscale Bamboo Pearl Skewers, our collection is completely versatile. These are a great addition to our Plastic Party Plates and Plastic Tableware collection.

    All Sweet Flavor bamboo skewers are disposable and biodegradable.

  • Shop Stainless Steel

    Upscale and reusable, Sweet Flavor stainless steel mini serving pieces gives you a new and very chic way to present your next creation. Our stainless steel small dishes collection includes two spoons and one mini serving tray, our tow spoon have a brushed finish while the mini tray is shiny, both finishes are really top quality.

    These mini stainless steel dishes will take you breath away, a little bit pricey but don't forget you can reuse them many times. Many of our upscale customer use them for appetizers and small treats.

    You can buy with confidence!

  • Shop Porcelain

    Obtain some Porcelain dishes for your next event if you would like it to be a formal gathering that your friends are sure to remember for quite some time. There are many advantages to choosing your cocktail spook made of Porcelain well in advance, mostly because at least you will have had time to look at all of the different styles that are now on the market. Choosing your dishes with care is an important task; therefore, you should try to avoid feeling rushed at this point in time just so that you can be confident you’ve made the right choice.

    The porcelain serving spoon should be a perfect complement to the type of food you are going to serve. Consider the size of the dishes. If you know you’re going to serve a number of small food items throughout the night, using large dishes will be an inappropriate choice. Obviously, if you intend on just serving one main course that is going to be the focal point of the evening, then using some dishes that are large enough is also important.

    When you buy porcelain ware, make sure that you use some you might want to use in the future if you intend on keeping your purchase. You should try to choose a classic design that will not go out of style. It will be that much easier for you to throw a subsequent party if you already have some excellent catering supplies on hand.

    Beyond that, however, you should never feel as though you are going to have some trouble paying for these dishes. It’s easy to find some appealing deals so long as you do the vast majority of your shopping for these items on the Internet as opposed to a store in your area. This is particularly true if you need to buy a bulk quantity of these goods because you will notice that they are going to be much more cost-effective if you do some price comparison between a couple of online stores. " Disposable Plates "

  • Shop Baking Cups

    Sweet Flavor Aluminium Foil baking cups are made from high quality material. Our foil baking cups are disposable, heat resistant and can be baked in a convection and air ovens. They also are microwave safe. Our baking cups can also be refrigerated in ultra low temperatures. 

    You can use our disposable directly to bake your cakes, muffins, pies and much more. With its attractive design, they can also be used for fresh appetizers and desserts such as fruit salads, panna cotta, ice cream and much more.

    FREE samples are available on demand by calling our customer service at 305 532 3731.

  • Shop Displays

    Make sure you have some Acrylic Displays Party on hand the next time you would like to throw a formal event or gathering with your friends. These displays are going to play an integral role in whether or not your party is a success. Therefore, you should start looking into the different ones that are now available.

    You could go through some catalogs on your own, or if you are interested in saving time, you could go through some online galleries since this is a very convenient way to get your shopping done.

    Buying acrylic displays is an important task because they are going to serve as the backdrop to the food you’re going to serve. Presentation is a key part of having a successful dinner gathering; your guests will definitely notice if you do not have the right supplies on hand.

    So, before you even think about completing the menu, make sure that you know where you are going to buy your catering goods. The thing to keep in mind with regards to these displays is that they should match the overall ambiance of the party. If you are going to have a formal presentation, for instance, then buying some distinguished and elegant plates is the most appropriate choice.

    Using some plastic wares or modern glasses is fine if you would just like to have a casual gathering with a couple of friends. Make sure to also do some careful shopping if you are concerned with getting some displays on a budget.

    You might want to shop online since the stores on the Internet often have some attractive deals. However, you should also make sure that you are not sacrificing the quality of your displays merely because you are working within the confines of a budget. Make sure that you find a display that is going to work well with the overall event.

  • Shop Table Mats

    Sweet Flavor offers a beautiful collection of high quality PVC placemats. Our reusable Table mats are made from high quality material and  offers a very chic and elegant finishes. Our collection includes different colors and sizes you can choose from. We sell our placemats in a small packaging of 12 pieces so anyone can buy them, even for your home. 

    Most of our professional customer are hotels and restaurants.
    Sweet Flavor
    also offer a custom option so we can make the exact design and size you want for your restaurant or hotel.

    Please feel free to contact our customer service at to get more information about our custom options.

  • On Sale!

    Sweet Flavor catering supplies store always offer special and clearances on plastic mini dishes and other catering supplies such as plastic plates, disposable shot glasses and more. Save up to 40% for your next wedding or catering event.

    Sweet Flavor clearance disposable tableware are high quality items as always so please do not hesitate, you can order with confidence. Any question you may have, feel free to contact our customer service at 305 532 3731. Not sure of what you need? We have the solution order your FREE samples today!

  • Coming Soon

    Sweet Flavor is constantly investing in new disposable tableware mini party dishes. With over 30 catering supplies innovation a year Sweet Flavor became a leader in the food industry. For 2016 Sweet Flavor added amazing mini dishes such as our Kalei disposable cups available in 2 sizes and 3 colors, our wooden serving and pastry boards for the eco-friendly part as well as our beautiful Emerald disposable plate, Sapphire plastic plate just to name few.

    Need samples, please contact Sweet Flavor customer service at 305 532 3731 to order your FREE samples today.

    Sweet Flavor - Creative Tableware Designer and Chef, catering and restaurant supplies.

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